Mitre 10 kennels at refuge

Mitre 10 kennels at refuge

Mitre 10 have converted an old shed at a Shine refuge into a kennel for housing up to three dogs.

In June last year, Mitre 10 called for nominations of community DIY projects across New Zealand that needed makeovers or a helping hand as part of its new Mitre 10 Helping Hands programme and asked Kiwis to vote. Shine’s kennel project was one of two chosen out of 250 entries. 

With only one other refuge in New Zealand accepting animals, this project will make a significant difference for those needing to escape unsafe situations, says Shine’s acting General Manager Sally Ward.

 “Our clients say that their pets are an important part of the family, as well as their emotional support and many will stay in an unsafe situation because they cannot leave their pets behind. This project means that they don’t have to.”

Thank you to the team from Mitre 10 and everyone who voted for Shine’s kennel project!

“"When I got to the Shine refuge with my boys, I felt an enormous weight lift off me. I realised how much anxiety and fear I had been carrying around for so long. Shine helped me get a Protection Order and Parenting Order against S. Within days, I began sleeping and eating normally again." ”

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