Make a donation or fundraise for Shine to help us reach more victims of domestic abuse.
To fundraise for Shine, think about how you could best use your own skills, talents, and networks. Remember to also have fun while you’re fundraising!

The ideas are endless, but below are a few examples. 

  • If you are a runner, walker, swimmer, cyclist or adventurer, sign up to one of the many exciting events throughout the country, set up an online fundraising page and ask friends, family and workmates to sponsor you.  Don’t forget to create your grassrootz fundraising page and join Team Shine for your event. 
  • Have an orange mufti day at your school or office. Have prizes for the best or wackiest outfit. 
  • Hold a morning tea or shared lunch at work, or invite friends around to your home. Ask for a donation.
  • Run a baking competition at work, school or church.
  • Create a raffle. Ask local businesses to donate goods for you to raffle at work, to friends, sports teams, etc.
  • Organise a movie night: Negotiate with your local movie theatre to rent a cinema to show a movie very cheaply, and sell tickets to friends and family.
  • Create a show, whether it be a music recital, stage show, karaoke night at a school or community hall and either sell tickets or ask for a donation.
  • Give up your daily coffee, chocolate, alcohol, sugar for a specific amount of time, get friends and family to sponsor you and if you slip, you also need to make a donation.
  • Have a garage sale or sell your unwanted goods on trade me and donate proceeds to Shine.
  • Collect donations outside your local supermarket.

More fundraising ideas for individuals, schools and workplaces.

Whatever your chosen fundraiser, please contact Carol Herbert at or 021 192 3548 to see how Shine can assist you.


Fundraised donations
Please note that the IRD does not permit donation receipts to be issued for fundraised donations. For example, if Mary Smith collects cash donations from a number of people, we cannot provide a tax receipt for the lump sum donation from Mary.  If she provides details of individual donations and donors, we would be able to provide a tax receipt to each of the individual donors. We can provide Mary with a written confirmation of receipt of the lump sum fundraised donation, but she may not claim a tax rebate on those donated funds. 

Shine is a service division of Presbyterian Support Northern, a registered charity with the charity number CC#21532. More information can be found at about donations and the tax benefits available to donors.

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