Business Help

We are incredibly grateful to the businesses which provide Shine with donations of money, volunteer hours, goods and services.

If your business would like to help more victims of domestic violence get safe and motivate more perpetrators to change their behaviour, here are some ways you could help:

  • Provide matching donations for any staff donations to Shine 

If you would like to discuss any of these options, please contact our Community Fundraiser, Carol Herbert on 
0211923548 or email her at 

Business donors are entitled to a deduction for charitable donations, limited only by the amount of the company's net income. The donation deduction has also been extended to unlisted closed companies (companies with five or fewer shareholders). 

EXAMPLE: Good Company Ltd is a publicly-listed company. Last year, Good Company supported Shine with a $20,000 donation. Good Company’s net income before taking into account its donations was $200,000. Good Company can deduct the full $20,000 in the company's income tax return (IR4). Company deductions for donations also include unlisted companies with five or fewer shareholders and for Maori Authorities (on the IR8 income tax return). 

Shine is a service division of Presbyterian Support Northern, a registered charity with the charity number CC#21532. More information can be found at about donations and the tax benefits available to donors. 

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