Fundraising Ideas for Workplaces

There are lots of ways you can raise awareness around domestic violence and raise funds to support victims of domestic violence at your workplace. The most important thing is to make it FUN for those who are organising your fundraiser and everyone participating. A great opportunity to get staff together.


Donate $5: Is it a coincidence that the NZ $5 note is orange? Encourage staff to donate $5 to Shine, or if you are creating an orange event, encourage minimum donation of $5 for morning tea, mufti, cost of raffle (you can sell 3 tickets for $5), etc. Create a board for staff to pin their donations to.

Matched Funding: Will your organisation match any funds you raise? You can then promote ‘every dollar you donate is worth $2’.

Dress down day: Hold an orange mufti day. Encourage staff to make a donation and wear orange wigs, ties, hats, to the office for a day etc.. You could have prizes for the wackiest or most orange outfit! Encourage staff to decorate the office and their workspaces. 

Orange bake day: A couple of staff or a team bring in orange baking. Have an orange morning tea. Ask staff to make a donation. Host a 'decorate your own cupcake' competition and provide icing, sprinkles, orange pieces, etc., or create a Light it Orange shared lunch.  Make sure you photograph each masterpiece - staff could vote for their favourite! You could invite customers and clients in for an Orange-themed afternoon tea, or an after hours function. 

Raffle or Auction: Create exciting raffles and auctions that staff and customers would be excited to buy a bid for.

  • Extra days holiday
  • The Boss’s Shout: The boss donates a long lunch out at a great restaurant, tickets to a show, etc.
  • Management’s car parks for a week
  • Create an amazing gift basket 
  • Do staff have season tickets to sports events, or tickets to concerts that they can no longer attend – could these be auctioned
  • Do you have staff who have baches that long weekends could be raffled or auctioned 

Quiz Night: Organise a quiz or trivia night to find the smartest team, or open up and invite customers, clients and suppliers to join in the fun. Hold a Trivia Night in your offices, or talk to your local pub. We can provide you with some questions for your quiz around the work of Shine to help raise awareness. Source awards/prizes for the best team, best answers (not particularly the right answers), etc. It could be a BYO food and drink, or you could sell food. To raise additional funds, you could also run a raffle, an auction, etc., plus don’t forget to sell answers.

Group Fitting Experience: Host an Intimo group fitting experience at work for your female staff with quality lingerie and clothing. Maggie, an expertly-trained Bra Fit Specialist will travel to you to provide a group bespoke fitting experience. Add some bubbles, raffles and fun games, encourage your guests to donate and get involved, plus you can donate your host gift to help your fundraising. Contact Maggie Hanna on or 021 610 441.

How Many?: Create a big jar of jelly beans, jaffas, etc. for your retail counter or staff room and encourage colleagues, clients and customers to make a donation and guess the number in the jar – closest guess wins the jar.

Car Wash: Run a car wash in house or open it up to the community! Charge staff to have their car washed (double for the boss) or run a public car wash on the weekend or after work. 

Team Challenges: Challenge teams to create their own orange fundraisers with the winner being the team that raises the most amount of money. 

Retail Sales: If you are a retailer, run a promotion with a % of sales for the month of March being donated to Shine, or for particular products a $ amount will be donated to Shine ie. for a car yard $50 from each car sold will be donated.

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